Sleepy Alligators Progress Report

SA-logo-blackHand me my old guitar,
Pass the whiskey ’round

–Robert Hunter, from Candyman, 1970

Having now logged a few months of practices, we’re VERY excited by how things are coming along.

Fortunate enough to have an excellent studio to work in, we’ve recorded baseline versions of ten songs, including classics like Bertha, Bird Song, and Big Railroad Blues, and that’s just the B’s!

These recordings are very helpful, serving as reference material for when we’re individually working on the songs at home between practices, providing the basic arrangements, and an opportunity to listen for mistakes and/or other areas that need improvement.

Meanwhile, practices, pretty much right from the start, have revealed perhaps the biggest strength of the band, namely that we really like hanging out together. The fact that we happen to have our instruments with us, share a love of making music, and are known to occasionally pass ’round the whiskey bottle, well, that’s just a wonderful bonus!

We’ve posted our baseline version of Bird Song on our Music page, so check it out! We think it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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