Winter and Spring and Summer Shows, Oh My!

Sleepy Alligators are waking up!

We’ll always post our upcoming gigs on our Shows page and our Facebook page, but it’s certainly worthy of our News page to shout out that we’ve got a show coming up soon and more in the works.



The Corner Pub in Bow, WA is best summed up by what’s in the About section of their Facebook page:

In the middle of nowhere on your way to somewhere. Great value on great food and drinks! Horseshoe pits, putt putt golf in our beautiful beer garden!

That first sentence could easily be a line in a Grateful Dead song, so we’re VERY excited about this show!


No specifics yet, but definitely another show in the works.

Better yet, we’re promising no songs repeated from our February show, so why not come to both?! 🙂

Spring & Summer

The Sleepy Alligators train will be in full steam come Spring and Summer, with more indoor and then, of course, lovely outdoor shows as the rain takes a break, so stay tuned!

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