Much Love At The Corner Pub!

corner-pub-psychedelicHow much do we love The Corner Pub in Bow, WA, and all of the wonderful folks who were with us there this past Saturday night?

A whole helluva lot!

The magic of that evening was nothing less than a collaboration between us — the band — and everyone else in the room.

When our microphones cut out on our opening song, Casey Jones, everyone filled in the gaps. When the dancers danced and voices sang along and the smiles gleamed, there was an ecstatic charge in the air.

As we mentioned on our Facebook page, we deeply relate to the sentiment expressed in this photo:


The quote — from Sam Cutler, former road manager for the Grateful Dead, featured in the wonderful documentary film Long Strange Trip — was Cutler’s description of the Dead’s self-defined ethos. They cared not at all for stardom and acclaim. Music was a holy pursuit, as Jerry Garcia says in the film, and Dead shows were the product of the entire community: band, crew, and Deadheads.

We embrace that ethos, we’re so grateful for the community that we’ve become a part of, and we look forward to bringing that community to The Brown Lantern in Anacortes, WA on March 24th.

Hope to see you there!



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