Bert Edkins: bass, vocals

Bert-gatorWhatcom county born, a product of the Sixties to a musical family, Bert’s DNA established his future.

He began singing at age 6 and playing musical instruments as early as the fourth grade, starting with violin and shortly after switching to trumpet. Bert played trumpet in church bands from age 9 to 12 until he got his first bass for his birthday. He quickly started listening and playing along with every radio station, album and cassette he could play on his stereo.

Bert continued playing in church band venues as well as other bands with friends through the years. Along the way he also gathered and honed skills as a sound engineer, setting up and mixing small and large sound venues with a friend who had some amazing PA Equipment.

For the last 10 years Bert has had the privilege of playing with some amazing people and bands such as: Lost Highway Band, Cain’t Hardly Playboys, Hobled Horse Band, Southbound, Wolf Creek Band, Well’s Creek Band, Joy Ride.
He also went back to school and received certification in Band Instrument Repair with Guitar Technology and now repairs musical instruments as a vocation.

Currently working with bands Sleepy Alligators and Wayward Sons, Bert can sincerely say that his life is on the right track and he feels truly blessed.

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