John Wilson: lead guitar, vocals

JWJohn lived through the 70s era immersed in the eclectic culture of the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. In many ways this prepared him to appreciate his first Grateful Dead experience at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, California in May 1987. After that followed many Dead, Jerry Band, Garcia/Grisman shows. The Sleepy Alligators project is a return to the roots. It’s a chance for a group of musically like-minded folks to make their own interpretations of some of this great American music and learn a lot about the music (and themselves) in the process. It promises to be a fulfilling venture on many fronts and hopefully the fruits of our labors will be enjoyed by others.

John has lived in Whatcom County since 2001. He’s played in a few local bands including: Big Rig, Bakertown, Joy Ride, Maggie’s Fury, and Sleepy Alligators.

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