Orion Lackey: keyboards, vocals

orionOrion Lackey was born in 1990 in the Pacific Northwest, and grew up playing and studying in Bellingham WA, where he graduated from Whatcom Community College. He is a father, musician, skier, gardener, fire/LED performer, as well as an educator in his community. He lives in a yurt that he built himself out in the forest in Whatcom County. The Grateful Dead have always been a huge inspiration for Orion and is a style that he resonates with, and comes naturally to him. Orion is a versatile musician who has years of experience in genres such as rock, reggae, country/folk, jazz, and funk.

Orion began his formal training on the piano at the age of 7. He continued taking lessons on the piano for at least 8 years. Throughout middle and high school, he began learning trombone in jazz, concert, and marching bands. Around the age of 15 Orion started practicing and performing keyboard and synth in various garage bands with his friends. This is when he began learning how to play music by ear with other musicians, as well as to compose, and improvise on his instruments. His early projects evolved into bands such as the instrumental progressive rock group, The Endorfins, and the reggae band Sweet Medicine. He has also been the musical accompaniment to various circus projects that tour down to The Oregon Country Fair, such as The Dream Science Circus, The Emergency Circus, and more.  Some of Orion’s most recent projects include recording with Breaking The Spell, The Austerman File, Pacific High, his own solo album, and Sleepy Alligators.

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