Show Report: 4-5-2018, The Wild Buffalo

wild-buffalo-posterWhat a night!!!

We had SO much fun at our April 5th show, with kindred spirits, Seattle’s The High Council, at the Wild Buffalo in Bellingham.

We kicked off the evening with two hours of our usual good ol’ Grateful Dead tunes (see our Shows page for the setlist), feeding off of the energy of our fellow Deadheads, dancing and singing along.

Every time we play, we feel the Dead’s legacy, always inspiring us, helping us recreate the magic — of music merged with community — that made such a deep impression on us.

Ahead of time, via discussions with The High Council, we schemed up a surprise that, we were told by many folks later, was one of the biggest highlights of the night.


We kicked off the last song in our set, Eyes of the World, jamming on the intro, and playing the first verse and chorus. Then, during the jam between the chorus and the 2nd verse, The High Council joined us onstage. Together, we played the 2nd verse and chorus, jammed a little longer, and then we left the stage while The High Council played the 3rd verse/chorus, finished off the song with a wonderful jam, and segued, without stopping, into the first song of their 2-hour set.

SUCH a blast!

The High Council then kept the music going nearly non-stop, absolutely stunning jams exploring a variety of genres, and adding two more Grateful Dead tunes to the evening: Deal, and a smokin’ Viola Lee Blues.


Next up: May 5th, our return to The Corner Pub, Bow, WA for Cinco de Mayo!

Hope to see you soon!